During the course of the General Plan Update, documents published as part of the process will be posted below. Documents will include the Existing Conditions Report (complete), Vision and Guiding Principles Summary (complete), Land Use Alternatives Report (complete), GPAC Draft General Plan (complete), Draft General Plan (expected Summer 2019), Draft Environmental Impact Report (expected Summer 2019), and Final Environmental Impact Report (expected Fall 2019).

GPAC Draft General Plan (February 2019)
The GPAC Draft General Plan is the first draft of the working General Plan Update document. This draft, prepared for GPAC review, reflects input from the GPAC over a series of 13 meetings held from August 2017 through March 2019. At its final meeting on March 4, 2019, the GPAC will review the GPAC Draft General Plan and provide its final set of recommendations regarding the General Plan Update. These recommendations will be incorporated into the General Plan Update and will be included in the document that will be published for public review and comment in Summer 2019.
GPAC Draft General Plan (pdf)

GPAC Preferred Land Use Map (February 2019)
The GPAC Preferred Land Use Map reflects input and direction given by the GPAC during its review of the Land Use Map Alternatives Report (see below for a link to the report) and subsequent developed of a preferred land use plan for the City. The GPAC Preferred Land Use Map was presented to the community at a Community Open House on March 14, 2019 and is also available online for review.
GPAC Preferred Land Use Map (pdf)

Land Use Alternatives Report (November 2018)
The Land Use Alternatives Report provides the City with a resource tool to examine different possible approaches to accommodate future development, provide opportunities for economic growth, maintain fiscal sustainability, and identify lands for conservation of resources and open space.

Land Use Alternatives Report - without appendices (pdf)
Appendix A - Land Use Alternatives Report (pdf)
Appendix B - Land Use Alternatives Report (pdf)

Alternatives Maps
Alternative A - Economic Growth and Employment-Focused Development (pdf)
Alternative B - Balanced Growth (pdf)
Alternative C - Existing General Plan (pdf)

Land Use Change Requests: As part of the General Plan Update, property owners were provided an opportunity to request changes to the General Plan land use designations for their properties. All of the “Land Use Change Request Applications” received by the City are summarized in Chapter 1 of the Land Use Alternatives Report. Figure 1-1, Parcel Change Requests, of the report shows the location of each parcel subject to a change request; Table 1-1 of the report identifies the existing General Plan land use designation and the requested designation for the subject parcels.

Existing Conditions Report (October  2017)
The Existing Conditions Report (pdf - Part 1 (Chapters 1 through 3) | Part 2 (Chapters 4 and 5)| Part 3 (Chapter 6) takes a "snapshot" of Manteca's current trends and conditions as they existed at the start of the General Plan Update process. This report provides a detailed description of a wide range of topics within the city, such as demographic and economic conditions, land use, public facilities, and environmental resources. The Existing Conditions Report provides decision-makers, the public, and local agencies with context for making policy decisions. The Existing Conditions Report was updated in February 2019 to include Chapter 6, Environmental Justice.

Vision and Guiding Principles Summary (October 2017)
In the Spring of 2017, the City of Manteca hosted three visioning workshops to understand the community's vision for the future of Manteca.  The feedback we received at these workshops has been summarized in the Vision and Guiding Principles Summary Report (pdf).  The Summary Report includes appendices with the results of each community participation activity at the Visioning Workshops, including comments provided by individuals and small groups, copies of maps prepared by small groups, and photos of activities.